Eight startups selected for the Program Raise X Impact in Valencia

Social Nest Foundation
4 min readOct 7, 2020

Impact founders from 10 countries selected for Social Nest Foundation. We believe Social Entrepreneur is an essential driver for global economic growth and toward a better future.

The Founders

This October 15–29, a selected group of 8 startups, companies from across Spain and Latinamerican to participate in Raise X Impact developed by the Nest Social Foundation. Whose aim is to help startups in Spain and Latinoamerican with growth potential and connect them with national and international impact investors.

The program places founders inside two months, offering him the opportunity to learn together while connecting with social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and a collaborative environment.

The selected entrepreneurs will participate in full days of practical training, given by both Spanish and international entrepreneurs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The topics to be discussed will be:
Preparation for investment,
Action plan to achieve investment,
The theory of change,
Impact indicators and negotiation. Among others that influence the processes of preparation and access to investment.

Introducing the Startups/Companies selected:

ONERZ offers, through an application, sustainable and accessible products, and services with which the user can reduce their environmental impact while saving money.

Its objective is to achieve a more sustainable world using consumption as a tool to achieve it. That’s why they only offer good alternatives for you and good for the planet.

COCIRCULAR carries out circular waste management for developers, construction companies, engineering firms, and architecture studios.

Carries out the circular management of construction waste, certifying traceability, in order to optimize costs and comply with the regulatory requirements for recovery.

NIGHT-WAY® is a service for Smart Cities and Sustainable Night Mobility.

We propose orientating users (cyclists or pedestrians) with our patented ultra-photoluminescent high-strength durable materials. Our materials also offer an endless list of applications for the world of architecture and landscaping.

Lazzaro is a technology service for all types of ORGSS and social enterprises.

From helping people with limited access to bank accounts to tracking tuna, to improving migration registration and clinical reporting. Every day new projects based on this technology are emerging that aim to solve the most pressing social challenges in the world, taking advantage of the way the Blockchain is reformulating how we regulate and manage transactions. Lazzaro offer what we call “micro-platforms”: web and collection system based on blockchain technology for a very low price.

BOUNSEL makes legal a digital and delightful experience by offering teams an all-in-one- contract management platform to ease remote work. Get superpowers for your business with our collaborative workspace powered by AI and Big Data.

Its goal is to transform the legal sector with technology, purpose, and design to make contracts more connected, smarter, and more humane.

CUANTIX is a cloud-based software that allows organizations, in an easy and automated way, to manage and measure their social impact.

Covers all the impact measurement process from design, selection of indicators and methodologies, data gathering to the analysis and communication of your impact, all in one place.

STRATOLLON Improving Earth knowledge through Geospatial Artificial Intelligence.

Is a geospatial intelligence platform that, through the use of satellite and in-situ data, offers advanced visualization and analysis to obtain historical and real-time information about a geographic area.

PLANT ON DEMAND is a food-tech Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud platform that allows on-demand production of organic food.

The platform provides a specific Cloud solution to help the digitalization of local producers, generating standardized data of their daily operations and enabling lightning-fast transactions with their clients. Simultaneously, it efficiently connects them to the whole food supply chain creating a solid, reliable network of local producers for retailers and end consumers to connect to.



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